APRIL 2010

Recycling in post offices increases

More than 200,000 tons, and counting. That’s how much paper, plastics and other waste the United States Postal Service recycled in 2009.

An integral part of that undertaking is the Post Office Box Lobby Recycling program which is expanding to include an additional 2,435 post offices, including those in a number of national parks. That brings the total number of participating sites to more than 8,064, an increase of 150 percent from 2005, when the Post Office Lobby recycling effort started. Postal customers are being encouraged to “read, respond, recycle” their post office box mail in lobbies.

Secure recycling bins in post office lobbies are locked and the opening is slim – about the width of a magazine, so the mail, and customer privacy, are ensured. Post office box customers are encouraged to open their mail (read), take whatever action is necessary (respond) and place the rest of it in the bin (recycle).