APRIL 2010

Ottawa takes steps to manage electronic waste

Rona Ambrose, Minister of Public Works and Government Services, announced that the Government of Canada has introduced new measures for the environmentally sound recycling of federal surplus electronic and electrical equipment that has reached its end of life.

The Government of Canada has established a standing offer for an initial two year period with an optional extension of one year. It is expected that up to 2,000 tons of e-waste will be recycled through the standing offer on an annual basis. The standing offer covers all electronic and electrical equipment that is not suitable for re-use by Computers for Schools, re-sale through Crown Assets or that cannot be recycled through existing provincial recycling programs. Equipment includes a wide range of equipment from IT, audio-visual and laboratory equipment to appliances and electric tools.

This method of supply was developed following consultations with other government departments, provincial recycling programs, and industry associations. As part of federal efforts to support Canada’s environmental industry, the Government of Canada will continue to consult with recyclers to ensure that future solicitations further promote the development of this emerging industry.