APRIL 2011

RailAmerica reports January 2011 monthly carloads

RailAmerica, Inc. reported that its total freight carloads for the month ended January 31, 2011 were 68,963, up 1.2 percent from 68,164 in January 2010.

The company increased shipments in January 2011 in 7 out of 12 commodity groups compared to January 2010. Much of the increase was due to shipments of chemicals, non-metallic minerals and products, and pulp, paper and allied products.

Chemicals increased primarily due to shipments in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast regions.

Non-metallic minerals and products volumes were up in all regions.

Pulp paper and allied products volumes were up primarily due to increased shipments in the Southeast and Central regions.

The largest declines were in agricultural products and waste and scrap materials. Agricultural products were down primarily due to lower shipments in the Midwest and Central regions, and waste and scrap materials were down primarily due to decreased shipments in the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest regions.