APRIL 2011

Coastal Recycling opens C&D recycling center in Jacksonville

Twenty to 25 new jobs will be created in North Jacksonville when Coastal Recycling Services opens their new Construction and Demolition materials recovery facility in July. Company officials say they expect to add more jobs as the volume of waste brought to the facility increases.

The total cost of the project will top $11 million; $4 million comes from an SBA loan.

Financing and special permitting requirements caused delays in starting the project. Coastal was required to obtain state and local permits to build and operate the new facility. Jacksonville’s Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity requires all recycling facilities to recycle a minimum of 60 percent of product brought into the facility once operational, and a minimum of 80 percent of product within 30 months of opening.

“The costs associated with recycling at this level are significant,” said Charlie Latham, co-managing partner of Coastal Recycling. “We are spending substantially more money on specialized recycling equipment because of the city’s aggressive recycling rate requirements. Of course, we support the city’s recycling goals and look forward to contributing to the state’s new recycling goal of 75 percent by 2020,” said Latham.

The facility will include a solar power system capable of providing approximately 10 percent of the recycling equipment’s power needs.

“Coastal made a conscious decision not to provide hauling services,” said Bob Malouin, co-managing partner of Coastal Recycling, “There are plenty of first-rate haulers in town; our intent is to work with them to bring in, process and recover as much waste as possible.”

Once separated, recycled product is prepared and shipped to processing facilities and end-users throughout the Southeast United States. “We are still seeking relationships with end users in our market, and will continue to do so as we prepare to open our facility,” said Latham.