APRIL 2011

Coca-Cola to change plastics recycling in Great Britain

Coca-Cola Enterprises, Ltd. (CCE) has unveiled a joint venture with ECO Plastics to develop a new purpose-built recycling facility in Lincolnshire. The deal marks a step change in the Great Britain (GB) plastic reprocessing industry.

Around 35,000 tons of PET bottles were reprocessed in GB last year. The new facility will increase this total to more than 75,000 tons when it is fully operational – more than doubling the amount of high-quality rPET (PET that is recycled to make food-grade, sustainable packaging) currently produced in Britain.

The state-of-the-art plastics reprocessing plant will also supply CCE with enough GB-sourced, high-quality rPET to achieve CCE’s target of including 25 percent rPET in all its plastic packaging in GB by 2012.

Currently, CCE sources food-grade rPET from continental Europe, while around two-thirds of used GB plastics packaging is exported for reprocessing.

The new recycling facility will be built on ECO Plastics’ current site in Lincolnshire, and will be operational next year.

The joint venture will create 15 jobs during the construction phase and up to 30 new jobs once the site is operational.