APRIL 2011

Earthworks provides 100 percent recycled PVC sheet for plastic cards

Earthworks System LLC, announced the release of color-matched, 100 percent recycled, PVC sheet material for gift, loyalty, membership and credit cards.

Earthworks System offers retailers, distributors and printers a way to keep cards out of landfills and save energy, recovering waste throughout the PVC supply chain from manufacturing runouts and skeletons to obsolete inventory and post-consumer used gift cards. The various forms are recycled into sheet material that is virtually indistinguishable in performance from virgin PVC. Earthworks plastic is used in a wide variety of applications including gifts cards, hotel key cards, promotional cards, IDs and signage.

This new sheet uses 100 percent recycled PVC. The colored material differentiates itself by providing a custom-colored card edge.

This program is the latest of Earthworks’ card recycling efforts. In November, Earthworks supplied Dallas-based card manufacturer Performance Card Solutions with 100 percent recycled PVC and an eco-friendly content identifier system. This identifier system indicates cards manufactured using recycled or virgin PVC, which integrates with current card programs, allowing retailers using cards made of recycled or virgin PVC to brand them as eco-friendly. Consumers can also return the cards for recycling.