APRIL 2012

Green Mountain College adopts new program

Green Mountain College, located in Poultney, Vermont, joined Casella Waste Systems Power of Three™ closed loop recycling initiative. The Power of Three is Casella’s newest solution for its customers who are intent on bringing a new meaning to the term “zero-waste.”

The Power of Three is premised off of picking up a customer’s recycling, processing that recycling into new products, and then providing those products back to the customer in the form of new hand towels, tissue paper, and toiletry items. The Green Mountain College program is accomplished through a partnership among Casella, SCA Paper, Foley Distributing and UGL Services that redefines closed-loop recycling.

With Zero-Sort®, all of Green Mountain College’s paper, plastic, glass and metal will be combined together in one single container.

Casella’s Zero-Sort processing facility located in Rutland, Vermont mechanically sorts all of the material. Once sorted, the baled paper will travel 45 miles more to the SCA plant in Glens Falls, New York to be made into 100 percent recycled paper content products that will then be delivered back to Green Mountain College by Foley Distributing and UGL Services.

Businesses that have converted over to Zero-Sort typically see a 20 to 40 percent or more improvement in their recycling efforts, which typically saves them money on disposal costs, time in sorting and streamlines their collection processes internally.