APRIL 2012

Covanta Energy creates alliance with Steinert US

Covanta Energy Corporation entered into a strategic alliance with Steinert US, Inc. for nonferrous metal recovery systems. Steinert will help provide equipment, spare parts, application engineering and planning support, and maintenance to the nonferrous recovery systems at Covanta’s Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities in North America.

The new agreement will support Covanta’s organic growth initiatives and sustainability efforts to increase the amount of metals that are recycled from its EfW facilities. In 2011, Covanta’s 41 EfW facilities in North America recycled over 400,000 tons of ferrous and over 15,000 tons of nonferrous metal.

The agreement will support the implementation of new nonferrous systems at many Covanta facilities that currently do not have them and enhance systems that are already in place.

Recycling nonferrous metal that would have been lost had waste been sent to a landfill instead of Covanta’s EfW facilities prevents a tremendous amount of greenhouse gases. Mining and the production of raw metal material is a very carbon intensive process, therefore Covanta’s current recycling efforts prevent approximately 165,000 tons of CO2 annually.