APRIL 2012

Electronic recycling programs introduced for Vermont schools
Workshops are offered to train schools

Vermont’s electronic waste law bans the disposal of certain electronic devices and provides for convenient collection of computers, monitors, printers, computer peripherals and televisions (covered devices) for households, school districts, and small businesses that employ 10 or fewer individuals (covered entities).

The free Vermont E-Cycles electronic recycling program has established 90 collection locations that are located statewide and operate year-round. All computers, monitors, printers, computer peripherals and televisions, regardless of brand, age or condition, are accepted for free recycling. Other electronic devices are also accepted at these locations; however, there may be a fee to dispose of those items.

Over 90 collection sites and special collection events have partnered with the program, with more expected to sign up to offer a convenient set of collection locations as required by the State Standard Plan. To date, the program has collected nearly 2.8 million pounds of recyclable electronic devices, with a goal of collecting over 3 million pounds by the end of next June.

NRRA and its recycling partners Good Point Recycling and the Association of Vermont Recyclers (AVR) have developed school collection and education fundraiser events as part of the NRRA VT E-Cycles Program. Under this plan, NRRA and its partners will provide support and compensation for schools that are willing and able to host and staff electronics collections events on their grounds. During these events, any covered entity will be able to drop off any covered device at no charge. Other electronic devices can also be dropped off and there will be a set charge for these devices. The events will be coordinated with media exposure and educational opportunities for students and the community.

As part of its role in the E-Cycles program, AVR has developed a Vermont-specific School Workshop on Electronics Recycling. These workshops will be offered as part of AVR’s routine workshop scheduling and funding mechanisms and will be specifically marketed to members and schools as a new and important product offering. These workshops will be funded by AVR Members through their routine memberships.