APRIL 2012

New Mexico seeks applicants for recycling and illegal dumping clean up grants

The New Mexico Environment Department is seeking applicants for its 2012-2013 Recycling and Illegal Dumping grants. Approximately $600,000 will be awarded to local communities to help abate illegal dumping and promote recycling. Municipalities, counties, pueblos or tribes, land grant communities, cooperative associations and solid waste authority are eligible for the funds. $400,000 will be awarded for scrap tire projects and $200,000 will go to non-tire projects.

The grants support projects that protect the health and welfare of the environment and residents of New Mexico by preventing and abating illegal dumpsites; promote environmentally sound methods for reuse and recycling; and encourage economic development, community development and collaboration that promote the efficient and sustainable use of resources, sustainable recycling and a cleaner and healthier environment. The grant program is authorized under the Recycling and Illegal Dumping rules, which were adopted in December 2006.

Tire grants can be used to abate illegal tire dumps and stockpiles, tire amnesty education days, purchase of tire derived products (e.g., ground rubber for playgrounds), construction of tire bale projects, design of tire bale monofill, and education. Grant funds could also be used to cover any additional cost that a community might incur for using rubberized asphalt for a project instead of using conventional paving materials.

Recycling and Illegal Dumping grants can be used to eliminate or reducing illegal dump sites; develop education and prevention programs for illegal dumping; or provide for recycling infrastructure, education or market development.

Applications are due April 6, 2012. Information, instructions and applications for the grants are located on the department’s Solid Waste Bureau website at www.nmenv.state.nm.us/swb/.