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Green teams help USPS save millions

Recycling Industries Congress showcases recycling’s economic benefit

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Alternative Energy

SC Johnson utilizes wind energy

Fogfuels transforms cooking grease into biodiesel fuel

Geothermal and global hydropower growth slows

Rodney Hailey sentenced for selling $9 million in fraudulent renewable fuel credits

C&D Recycling

GM to boost recycling efforts

Certification program adopted by Automotive Recyclers of Canada


Cascades receives LEED Gold certification for expansion of Lachute plant


UK carpet recycling rises

Plastics recycler calls for VAT exemption on recycling

Polish miomass market on the move

Paper Recycling

Association elects officers; reports paper statistics

AF&PA sets policy initiatives

Plastics Recycling

Recycling of plastic bags, wraps and film rises to 1 billion pounds

Reports show increased water bottle recycling

U.S. Government warns on “compostable” plastic

MBA Polymers completes ISO certification


American Waste chosen to receive recycler award

Texas Disposal launches hotel room recycling

Communities report prolonged success in reducing cigarette butt waste

NSWMA supports legislation to reduce solid waste costs in Missouri

Republic Services secures partnership with city of Flint




Sustainability importance expandsClick to Enlarge

Since the 1950s, the old-fashion notion of “conservation” has expanded to be called “sustainability” and has become the buzzword synonymous with grand visions of environmental responsibility and lifestyle.

The word has now entered the common lexicon and is often featured by government, environmentalists, green businesses, recyclers and waste handlers. In the realm of ecology, sustainability describes how the earth can endure, remaining healthy and productive.

Since 1987 the most widely quoted definition of sustainability is that of the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations, “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” more


DOE proposes recycling metal from nuclear facilities

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Metals recyclers are fighting to prevent the Department of Energy from releasing tons of metal from weapons plants and other nuclear facilities. Recycling of the metal, which would include desks and bookcases as well as structural steel, has been barred since 2000. The Energy Department said it can safely release the metal for recycling, but recyclers are worried their facilities, employees and products would be contaminated.

The department solicited input on the concept last December, generating an outpouring of opposition. The idea specifically is to give an undersecretary authority to release metals from radiological sites. The quantity of metal under consideration comes to about 14,000 tons, according to the department, and also consists of items such as spare parts and electrical cable. A department spokesperson said the proposal includes adequate safeguards. more

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