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American Waste chosen to receive recycler award

From left to right: County Commissioner Chairman Herb Lemcool, Kelly Ignace-American Waste, Resource Recovery Council Chairman Jim Carruthers – presenting the award, Mark Bevelhymer-General Manager, American Waste.

Grand Traverse County Resource Recovery (RecycleSmart) stated that American Waste has been selected as the 2012 Take It Back Recycling Program Recycler of the Year. American Waste was unanimously selected for this award by the Resource Recovery Council.

The “Take It Back” recycling program is a convenient product return infrastructure, where consumers can return unwanted products for reuse, recycling or disposal. Over 100 products are included.

Each year the Resource Recovery Council selects a local business to receive the Take It Back Recycler of the Year award for their commitment in assisting Grand Traverse County residents reduce, reuse and recycle materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. American Waste has been in the forefront in providing and promoting waste diversion programs in the county.

Programs include:

  • Expansion of #3 through #7 plastic recycling, i.e. child car seats, boat shrink wrap, plastic bags and other plastics.
  • Hosting Clean Up – Green Up recycling events.
  • 96 gallon recycle carts.
  • Single stream recycling.
  • State of the art material recycling facility where 30 to 50 percent of the trash received is now recycled.
  • Supporting RecycleSmart special events, i.e. Earth Day events, household hazardous waste collections, clean up of illegal dump sites, community education.
  • Promoting reuse – by washing old bottles and selling them back to wineries.

American Waste achievements were recognized and a plaque was presented at the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners Resource & Administration meeting.