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Fogfuels transforms cooking grease into biodiesel fuel

Fogfuels entered into a new partnership with the city of Atlanta. Fogfuels will use its patented process to transform fats, oils and grease into usable B100 biodiesel fuel that can be used to power school buses, city vehicles and machinery.

In this partnership, Fogfuels will work with independent haulers in the Metro Atlanta area to receive trap grease generated by restaurants and institutional sources. The waste will be received at the Fogfuels processing center where it will be converted to B100 biodiesel fuel. By creating this inner city processing center, Fogfuels will provide a convenient location for independent haulers to dump their trap grease. This facility will encourage haulers to remain compliant with City ordinances while resulting in significant reductions in their operating costs due to reduced tipping fees and transportation costs.

Fogfuels understands that working with independent haulers will be the key to its success. In order to unite independent haulers nationwide, and to reduce illegal dumping by rogue operators, Fogfuels has created the Green Waste Haulers’ Association (GWHA). This organization will represent the business interests of companies involved in the collection, transport and disposal of trap grease.

Atlanta is the first city that Fogfuels will partner with to create B100 fuel from trap grease. The company plans to work with other municipalities around the country to help clean up the problem of illegal grease dumping and create a better living environment.