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Republic Services secures partnership with city of Flint

Republic Services, Inc. has entered a five year public-private partnership with the city of Flint, Michigan to provide solutions to meet their waste and recycling needs.

The primary benefits of a public-private partnership for a municipality include lower costs; consistent safety training and service standards; greater efficiency; and risk mitigation. Republic can better leverage costs through competition and economies of scale because it specializes in waste and recycling services; deliver service quality and safety that is equal to or exceeds that of the public sector; perform with greater flexibility; and reduce the risks associated with providing waste services.

Under the agreement, Republic also will phase in a new curbside recycling program that will support the city’s commitment to increase recycling participation and reduce its environmental impact. As part of the agreement, Republic will service the city’s municipal waste needs, provide services for city-sanctioned events, launch a recycling education campaign and purchase Flint’s collection trucks for $1.5 million.

Additionally, the city’s sanitation workforce has the opportunity to join Republic Services. Republic will consider these highly-skilled workers first to fill company positions created by the contract.

Republic operates the Citizen’s Disposal landfill and has provided residential, commercial and industrial service to the Flint area for more than two decades.