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NSWMA supports legislation to reduce solid waste costs in Missouri

The Missouri Chapter of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) voiced its support for Missouri Senate Bill 13, which proposes to restructure solid waste management districts and allows for the current grant funding to be allocated more efficiently for cities and counties for waste reduction and recycling. The grants are funded by a tip fee that is collected at transfer stations or landfills.

Peggy Macenas, regional manager of the Missouri chapter of the NSWMA, said, “We applaud Senator Schaefer’s proposed legislation. This bill reforms, modernizes and reduces government bureaucracy.”

Kevin O’Brien, chairman of the Missouri Chapter of the NSWMA, said, “The members of NSWMA have implemented recycling in most of its Missouri markets with limited or no grant funds to date. In fact, if the subsidies go away members and other entities can begin to compete for recycling in all areas of the State that our members serve.”