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UK carpet recycling rises

Almost 85,000 metric tons of carpet waste was diverted from landfills in the UK by manufacturing members of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK) during 2012. Of the 85,000 tons, 36,000 tons were recycled or reused while 49,000 tons were used for energy recovery via cement kilns and generation plants.

This represents a diversion rate of 21.4 percent and a 30 percent increase over 2011. In 2011, 16.5 percent of carpet waste was diverted from landfill and the CRUK is aiming to hit a target of 23.5 percent this year, rising to 25 percent by 2015. Energy recovery grew by 44 percent or 15,000 tons, and the amount of waste carpet recycled grew by 12.5 percent or 4,000 tons.