Grinders Held with Recycling at Construction and Demolition Sites

The National Association of Home Builders in conjunction with the Federal EPA developed on site grinding. They found that on site grinding could reduce by 75 percent or more what was going into landfills and turning what was considered a waste product into useable material that was environmentally friendly and an added resource to the job site. The Association of General Contractors has just published a brochure that also explains the advantages to on site recycling. Packer Industries, Inc. is a service and manufacturing company that works to train builders and clean up crews in the value of this new recycling method.

As economic growth results in more products and materials being generated, there will be an increased need to invest in source reduction activities. Reusing the things we used to call waste is the smart way to do business and it has just gotten easier with the introduction of the Packer 750 horizontal grinder and the company's training program.

Most green building programs, like the Atlanta regions Earthcraft House program, include the following areas: site planning, energy efficient techniques and equipment, resource efficient design and materials, waste management, indoor air quality, water conservation, education, and builder operations.

While disposal may not be the builders biggest budget concern, it probably is for a growing number. That is where the grinder becomes a great alternative to traditional land filling. Recycling saves natural resources and reduces waste. Builders are looking for opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Construction recycling has the advantage of working with larger quantities of material than everyday recycling and can have a large impact on the community. It is recycling that makes sense.

The grinder handles framing material, gypsum drywall, block, brick, asphalt and asphalt shingles. The grinder is fully hydraulic and easy to use. The Packer 750 includes a remote control; magnetic head pulley that removes nails, and dust suppression, and can be towed with a one-ton truck.