Electronics Recycling Association Certifies Metech International

The International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER) announced that Metech International, Inc. became the first company to be certified to the industry standard for electronics recycling in addition to the international standards for environmental and quality management systems. Metech successfully completed the IAER certification process for its main facility in Mapleville, RI and as a result has been designated as a Certified Electronics RecyclerŽ. Previously, Metech had been certified to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards - making it the first company to achieve all three distinctions.

In response to a priority need identified by the electronics recycling industry, the IAER developed a certification process to support and promote high standards of business practices, including environmental quality and regulatory compliance. Companies seeking certification must meet the criteria of the IAER Certification Standard as a result of a formal, objective certification process. The IAER Certification Program is also intended to provide a service to member companies to help them improve their management systems and gain recognition for high quality business practices.

The scope of IAER Certification focuses on three primary areas: Management Systems (Environmental, Health, Safety, & Quality), Operational Capabilities, and General Business Factors. To be certified, companies must successfully complete a pre-screening process and on-site audit conducted by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), a world leader in registration to international quality and environmental standards.

Metech International, Inc. is a Founding Member of the IAER with facilities located in Rhode Island and California. The scope of their operations includes the key segments of the electronics recycling industry: De-manufacturing, Parts Recovery, Materials Recovery, and Materials Processing.

The IAER is the first and only trade association for the electronics recycling industry.