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May 2004

Contamination Caused by Toxic Metals Prevented with New Technology

New York, NY— A new technology, Integrated Fixation Systems (IFS) which prevents toxic metals from leaching into soils and water, was demonstrated at a news conference held by Solucorp Industries, Inc.

Integrated Fixation Systems’ patented technology extends the applicability of Solucorp’s Molecular Bonding System (MBS™) so that proprietary chemical reagents that enable MBS to chemically bind heavy metals in contaminated soil can now be incorporated into numerous products at the time they are made. IFS can also be used on alternative remediation systems such as filters and paint removers. The MBS process, which was successfully evaluated under the EPA’s Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program (SITE) in 1997, chemically binds toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium and cadmium, rendering them non-hazardous and insoluble, thereby preventing further contamination.

IFS Technology works by incorporating MBS reagents in degradable plastics, degradable surface coatings and various release systems to form a specific IFS product, such as a paint remover or special coating for metal-bearing products like batteries and ammunitions. These IFS plastics, laminates, inks and paints can be added to a wide range of proven polluting manufactured product. IFS technology retains MBS in a stable dormant state during the working life of the product. On final disposal of the product, IFS releases the MBS once a trigger occurs, such as moisture from rain or coming in contact with groundwater.

The release of MBS occurs at a rate commensurate with the leaching out of any potentially polluting heavy metals contaminants. The effect is that the threat to the environment is permanently eliminated and “added value” is provided to the product because it carries its own self-remediating system. In some cases, IFS treated products will, in addition to remediating themselves, also help clean-up some of the previous contamination currently at a site. For example, the lead in bullets treated with IFS will not leach into the ground, but if the area is a shooting range where thousands of bullets that were not previously treated have been left, over time the new bullets will help remediate the previously contaminated soil.

The inclusion of IFS in manufactured products, such as switches, batteries, filters, computer parts, or any item that contains heavy metals such as lead, mercury and chromium, does not change the efficacy and use of these products. The only change that will occur is once these products are disposed of improperly or in a designated landfill they will be “environmentally friendly” as they will automatically remediate themselves so that no metals will migrate into the environment.

IFS systems will not impair, nor are they intended to replace recycling. For example, it addresses the problem of people throwing away hazardous batteries in household garbage or improper disposal of home electronics products such as cell phone batteries, computers, etc.

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