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May 2004

EPA Imposes Interim Requirements on Ohio Incinerator

Chicago, IL— U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 has approved interim operating requirements for Von Roll America’s hazardous waste incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio. The requirements cover seven hazardous air pollutants included in new Clean Air Act regulations.

EPA imposed the interim requirements because tests done last December showed that the incinerator did not show compliance with lead and cadmium emission limits set by the new regulations. On March 18, Von Roll agreed to temporarily stop feeding these semi-volatile metals to the incinerator.

A more recent test done in March showed that Von Roll can meet the new emissions limits if the lead and cadmium feed rate to the incinerator is less than an upper limit of 10.07 pounds per hour. EPA specified this upper limit in its approval of an interim operating feed rate for lead and cadmium.

EPA’s approval also includes interim operating requirements to meet emission standards for dioxin and furans, mercury, low-volatile metals, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, hydrochloric acid and chlorine gas, and particulate matter.

The approvals are part of new Clean Air Act regulations requiring maximum achievable control technology for hazardous waste incinerators. The new regulations set September 30, 2003, as the date for facilities to comply with the seven emission standards, unless an extension is granted. They also establish monitoring, testing, reporting and record-keeping requirements, including a requirement to demonstrate compliance by testing.

In tests done last year before the compliance deadline, the Von Roll facility failed to meet limits on four pollutants: dioxins and furans, particulate matter, semi-volatile metals and mercury. Further tests done last December showed compliance with all but the semi-volatile metal standard. Von Roll had 90 days from the December test to report results to EPA.

Von Roll has told EPA that it plans to conduct a re-test of its performance test for lead and cadmium during the week of April 19. The company must submit a revised notice of compliance no later than 60 days after completion of the test.

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