May 2005

SWACO begins recycling at Crew Stadium with a 30% waste reduction goal

SWACO and the Columbus Crew soccer team have announced a partnership to raise the consciousness of recycling in Columbus, and begin recycling at Crew Stadium. The three-year agreement will have SWACO setting up the recycling program on site as well as provide the recycling containers for that program.

“Our goal,” says SWACO executive director Mike Long, “is to reach people in large numbers. Crew Stadium is a perfect venue from which to do so. Our hope is that once fans are encouraged to recycle at the stadium, they will take that habit home with them.”

Crew Stadium Part of the partnership agreement will eventually feature SWACO branded recycling messages at all the entrance and the concession stands of the stadium.

There will also be public address announcements before the game, at halftime, and as the game comes to a close. These messages will remind fans to use the recycling containers at the stadium.

Long adds, “our recycling program with The Crew is one of the first, if not the first in Major League Soccer. We look forward to showing the league how the program works when The Crew hosts the 2005 Sierra Mist MLS All-Star game. It’s very appropriate that the first soccer specific stadium in the league be a leader in new services for fans.” Long hopes the idea will catch on not only with the hometown fans, but nationwide.

To urge Columbus area kids to recycle, members of the Crew will make appearances at select Columbus area schools in the future. Some students will be selected to see a Crew game courtesy of the team and SWACO.

The Crew sent about 100 tons of trash to the Franklin County landfill last year. That includes close to 51,000 plastic bottles. SWACO hopes to divert approximately 30% of what goes to the landfill from Crew Stadium.


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