May 2006


Florida approves ethanol plant
Up to 50 million gallons per year is the expected production

Port Sutton, FL— The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has signed a construction permit to United States EnviroFuels, LLC for an ethanol production plant in Port Sutton, Florida.

The plant is designed to produce a maximum of 50 million gallons of ethanol per year.

Production will include grain unloading, storage, milling, fermentation, distillation and drying. Grain will be delivered by rail or truck, and ethanol will be distributed by rail, truck or barge. The facility will install air emission filtration controls and complete required emissions testing.

To become less dependent on foreign sources of energy, the state is acting to diversify its electric generation capacity, diversify fuel supply and increase conservation and efficiency initiatives.

Introduced by Governor Jeb Bush in February, the 2006 Florida Energy Act is a comprehensive strategy to diversify the State’s fuel supply and provide long-term energy security.

The four-year, $75 million plan provides rebates, grants and tax incentives to crates a more balanced energy portfolio by increasing Florida’s investment in the development of alternative fuel technologies.


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