May 2006


Land Rover highlights its environmental future

New York, NY— Land Rover presented a glimpse of its future environmental technology at the 2006 New York International Auto Show.

The concept, called Land_e, showcases some of the alternative technologies that Land Rover is considering adopting on its vehicles in the near future.

The concept on the Land Rover stand at the New York Show is entitled Land_e, but the technologies it is showcasing are called the e-Terrain System and consist of practical solutions enabling Land Rover vehicles to maximize class leading on- and off-road performance while still meeting environmental goals.

Highlights include the integrated starter-generator which slows the engine to a stop when the vehicle comes to a halt and restarts when the driver demands. An integrated electric rear axle drive is incorporated with the ISG allowing the vehicle at low speeds to use a 100 percent electric rear drive. Off-road, both mechanical and electric power can be fed to all four wheels. This improves the vehicle’s capabilities as electric engines produce good low end torque and can supplement the low down power of gasoline engines.

Even greater fuel economy is achieved by an innovation that automatically disconnects the propshaft and power take off when they are not required. Land_e also uses a new Powershift gearbox. A semi automatic transmission allows full automatic operation and manual gear changes without power interruption, which eliminates the need for a torque converter. Land_e also incorporates an additional mode to Land Rover’s Terrain Response system that optimizes on-road fuel economy even further.

Land_e and the technology it showcases are designed to be able to use E85 ethanol to provide energy sustainability and further reduce emissions.


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