May 2006


QRP Express LLC, the result of QRP success

QRP, Quality Replacement Parts, is a group of 26 auto-recycling businesses located in Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota. The group was formed in 1999 by 15 of the most progressive auto recycling businesses in the upper mid west.

Increasing sales over the past several years has drastically increased QRP member’s freight costs. Those escalating freight costs were the stimulus for the formation of a new company, QRP Express LLC. QRP Express is an independently owned company that has partnered with QRP. This company provides delivery of any part from any QRP partner to any other QRP partner overnight, and does it without any per part freight charge. Accomplishing this level of service required the establishment and operation of five different daily routes connected through a night parts transfer program in order to forward the shipped parts to the appropriate route for delivery the next day.

A big advantage to the repair industry is that repair shops and insurers will now be able to obtain the needed recycled auto parts from a “local” QRP partner without the high cost of freight added to the parts price, thus saving consumers repair expense.

Though still in its infancy, QRP Express is already picking up and delivering on average 1,000 parts shipments per week for QRP members in Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota.


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