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MAY 2007

New NOx emission technologies made

Covanta Holding Corporation has developed and successfully tested two new technologies that represent major advances in controlling Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. Both technologies, for which patents are pending, have been tested at existing Covanta facilities and are now ready for full scale commercial application.

The Covanta LN technology will enable existing energy-from-waste facilities to cut NOx emissions well below their already low levels.

This new technology is capable of achieving NOx emissions below United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements; even without the use of Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) systems currently employed at most energy-from-waste facilities in the United States. Furthermore, when Covanta LN technology is coupled with SNCR systems, it drops NOx emissions to approximately half of current regulatory limits.

A similar but more advanced technology to be made available for new boiler units has been developed in collaboration with Covanta’s technology partner, Martin GmbH. It will be marketed in the United States under the name Covanta VLN. This technology is capable of reducing NOx emissions to levels below even those demonstrated by the LN technology, and at the same time lowering the capital cost for new units by improving overall boiler efficiency.

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