May 2008

Capitol Hill is briefed on electrification of autos

Ener1, Inc. an alternative energy company, took part in an industry briefing of United States Congressional staff on the latest developments in the electrification of the American automotive industry.

Manufacturers of advanced automotive batteries joined electric vehicle makers, representatives of ‘Big Three’ hybrid divisions, and electrical utilities for the briefing in late April. The event was titled ‘The Electric Drive Answer: Transportation Technologies & Policies to End Oil Dependence’.

“The United States Congress, as well as all three Presidential contenders, are highly sensitive to the revolution about to take place in the auto industry which will help relieve dependence on oil imports and sustain the environment,” commented Ener1 chairman, Charles Gassenheimer. “The collective goal of the electric drive industry is to collaborate effectively with elected officials who are right now establishing our government’s funding priorities to support the future of the United States auto industry.”

Under the nation’s two newest comprehensive energy laws, Congress is currently preparing to allocate up to several hundred million dollars for a range of programs supporting research and development and the creation of domestic manufacturing capacity for key technologies.