May 2008

Hartford, Connecticut receives grant to promote recycling in city

Hartford, Connecticut, with the support of the National Recycling Partnership, a coalition committed to improving recycling rates in the United States, will implement a one-year pilot program called “Go Green Use Blue” to demonstrate the positive impact of making recycling more convenient for residents and offering household incentives to recycle.

The pilot program will involve using “Single Stream Recycling,” a simple and environmentally friendly approach to recycling in which all recycled materials go into one large bin.

Beginning in May 2008, approximately 5,000 Hartford households (about one-sixth of city-served households) will be provided with 64-gallon carts by the city in conjunction with its service partner RecycleBank. Participants can place all recyclables into this cart and, using RecycleBank’s incentive system, be able to obtain coupons valued at up to $400 per year for use at local retail establishments.

Hartford will be the first community in the nation to benefit from the National Recycling Partnership’s grant program, which helps cities to demonstrate best managerial, technical and educational practices in residential recycling programs and show how recycling rates can be improved.

The National Recycling Partnership initiated the grant program to address the stagnant recycling rates across the country. With the bulk of recyclables being consumed in homes, underperforming curbside recycling programs explain much of the weakness in recycling rates in recent years.