May 2008

London announces waste and recycling program

The Mayor of London and the London Development Agency (LDA) have announced a GBP 24 million waste and recycling program to support the development of infrastructure to manage London’s commercial and industrial waste over the next four years.

The program seeks to tackle climate change by reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfills or burnt in incinerators. To move forward with this program, the Mayor said he would appoint a panel of waste, energy and financial experts to deliver innovative, efficient waste and recycling facilities appropriate for London including those which use waste to create renewable energy and increase the capital’s recycling reprocessing capacity, while reducing reliance on landfill, which would boost the local economy and reduce the transport impacts of waste.

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said, ‘There are real opportunities in London to develop technologies that treat waste as a resource, rather than relying on outdated waste disposal methods which contribute to climate change. London’s businesses and boroughs are currently choosing to bury and burn the capital’s waste - dumping it in the home counties - while recycling rates lag behind the rest of the UK. This funding package of £24 million from the London Development Agency will accelerate the use of cleaner, greener recycling and treatment methods that are already being effectively used in Europe.’