May 2008

San Francisco’s curbside recycling program now accepts rigid plastics
Styrofoam, film plastic or plastic bags continue to be excluded

Rigid plastic toys can now be included for curbside recycling.

Effective in April, the curbside recycling program in San Francisco, California, will expand to include all “rigid” (stiff) plastics.

Residents and businesses will be encouraged to recycle all plastic tubs and lids, yogurt and clamshell containers (clean, without food or liquids), cups, buckets, plant containers, and other non-film plastics.

As long as an item is made only of rigid plastic – not a plastic bag or other film plastic – it can go into in the blue recycling cart.

Plastic toys will be accepted as long as they have no metal parts, batteries, circuit boards or wiring.

Plastic film of any kind, such as plastic bags and plastic wrap, will not be accepted. Styrofoam will not be accepted.

Sunset Scavenger Co. and Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling Co. collect bottles, cans, paper, and now rigid plastics, that residents and businesses place together in blue recycling carts and delivers the co-mingled materials to Recycle Central, the modern sorting plant operated by SF Recycling, Inc.

Upgrading the blue cart program to accept more plastics is part of ongoing efforts by the city’s recycling companies to help San Francisco divert 75 percent of resources away from landfill disposal by 2010 and to help achieve what the City calls “zero waste” by 2020.

By placing more rigid plastics in the blue cart, residents and businesses will help provide additional opportunities for recycling workers to recover plastic items that can be recycled and made into new products.

In this way, the efforts of residents, businesses, and recycling sorters combine to reduce landfill disposal.