May 2008

Sony Canada recycling program expands to 25 sites

Sony of Canada Ltd. expanded its recycling efforts to collect all end-of-life Sony products in April.

“Sony Canada’s goal is to divert all Sony products from landfill” said Doug Wilson, president & COO, Sony of Canada Ltd.”

All Sony products will be accepted for recycling at no charge, at any of the 25 non-retail collection sites to be opened across Canada. These sites will accept all Sony products, including larger items like televisions and stereos.

Handheld Sony electronics will be accepted for recycling, at no charge, at all 79 Sony Style retail stores across Canada. Handheld electronics include camcorders, cameras, Walkman personal stereos, PDAs, and cordless phones. Sony Style retail stores currently accept portable rechargeable batteries and cellular phones for recycling, and offer a notebook trade-in program.

All Sony products can be mailed in for recycling. Shipping costs are not covered by the program.

Sony is partnering with Global Electric Electronic Processing, Inc. (GEEP) to expand its recycling program.

“All of the collected Sony products will be safely processed at our facilities through closed-loop procedures,” said Alfred Hambsch, president and CEO of GEEP. “The processes we use will ensure the products are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner, resulting in maximum resource recovery with a zero landfill objective.”