May 2008

Titan Trailers incorporates efficiency in newly-built production facility

Titan Trailers’ R&D operations, Quality Control and Final Finish has moved into a new 37,000 square foot facility that will also accommodate all scheduling, accounting and training facilities.

Using his personal philosophy of “The only way to change the future is to invent it”, Mike Kloepfer, Titan Trailers’ president and founder, has done just that with the company’s new facility. “First of all, we have created a state-of-the-art green facility that incorporates the latest technology and an ideal working environment for our employees. Additionally, by combining our R&D facility with Final Finish, our engineering teams will be able to keep an eye on product development from the inception to the delivery stage.”

The new training facility will be used to keep everyone up-to-date on everything including the latest equipment, software and safety initiatives.

The new building features see-through energy-efficient overhead doors to let in the most light possible. There are light sensors strategically positioned to monitor the overall brightness inside. The sensors activate and deactivate the low energy lights to maintain a consistent level of brightness indoors. As the sun rises, the lights shut down and continue to shut more down throughout the day until late afternoon when they begin turning back on. The south facing transparent doors also assist the heating process by delivering extra radiant heat to the building. On sunny winter days, the floor heating system will not need to turn on because the radiant heat from the doors will warm the shop by about 2º.

Another unique feature of this building, according to Kloepfer, is the in-floor heating system. This method was chosen for employee comfort and efficiency. Titan’s original facility will continue to house its head office, primary manufacturing and production engineering departments.