MAY 2009

An innovative example of auto recycling presented

Federal-Mogul Corporation recently introduced an innovative, environmentally-friendly product that uses recycled material typically deposited in a landfill to eliminate noise in an automobile’s cabin. QuietShield GRN (green non-woven), an acoustical padding for use in vehicle headliners, door panels and kick panels, is manufactured using recycled cardboard packaging and other byproducts normally discarded at a vehicle assembly plant. QuietShield debuted as part of a headliner assembly provided by Grupo Antolin on the 2010 Buick LaCrosse luxury sedan.

QuietShield's Life Cycle Process

Automotive manufacturing plants today receive numerous parts for delivery to the assembly line in cardboard containers and other packaging. Some of these containers are made of recyclable materials, others are not. In both cases, when empty, the automaker pays to transport cardboard packaging and other refuse to a recycling center or landfill.

Federal-Mogul’s QuietShield offers customers a new solution to these problems. The recyclable by-products collected at the manufacturing plant are shredded, combined with other recycled materials, formed into a web and bonded in a unique manufacturing process by Federal-Mogul. The manufacturing process was developed by Federal-Mogul’s engineering experts, drawing on their expertise in the development and manufacture of high performance textile-based protection products. The padding can be used by automotive manufacturers and other industries to fabricate linings and sound deadening padding where noise isolation is required.

“Producing acoustical padding from materials that would otherwise be discarded represents an economically-viable and environmentally-friendly solution, reducing landfill utilization and waste disposal costs,” said Ramzi Hermiz, senior vice president, Vehicle Safety and Protection, Federal-Mogul.