MAY 2009

Call2Recycle reaches milestone in rechargeable battery collection

Call2Recycle announced that total collections since the program’s inception in 1994 now exceed 50 million pounds of rechargeable batteries.

Through ongoing initiatives with retail and community partners, grassroots community efforts, and the support for recycling legislation at the state and municipal level, Call2Recycle has steadily grown its annual collections over the past 15 years and spread the rechargeable battery recycling message to consumers nationwide.

The program scope has grown to encompass new battery chemistries and devices. Recognizing that consumers are upgrading their devices at an accelerated rate, Call2Recycle started accepting old cell phones in 2004 to ensure that the batteries they contain are properly recycled. The program further expanded last year by accepting a new battery chemistry – for the first time in seven years – and now collects nickel zinc rechargeable batteries in addition to nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion and others.