MAY 2009

Florida Tire Recycler offers zero landfill option to waste tire cutsomers

Florida Tire Recycling Inc. (FTR), an environmental solutions provider to the tire industry, announced that it will provide customers with a zero landfill option for recycling rubber. In addition to being the first 100 percent zero-landfill tire recycler, FTR is also Florida’s first 100 percent clean tech company to employ “green collar” workers. This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent unveiling of a Closed-Loop Product Lifecycle Solution program designed to recycle, reuse and reclaim 100 percent of discarded waste tires, one of America’s greatest sustainable resources and the third most used raw material in United States manufacturing.

Today’s tire companies, retail generators and tire recycling companies are on a mission: to ensure discarded tires are recycled into raw materials that make their way back into manufacturing as sustainable, green renewable material inputs – and not just thrown into a landfill to decompose. As part of this recycling initiative, companies are looking to recycling providers for a zero-landfilling process that not only produces high-quality raw material, but also positively impacts their own carbon footprint. In turn, they seek options that are economically viable today and, that over time, will decrease long-term costs as the recovered materials (rubber, steel and fiber) become more valuable and viable in higher end manufacturing applications.

Florida Tire Recycling leverages today’s technological innovation, joint market research and development activities to develop and extend its proprietary systems and processes to allow for 100 percent material recovery – resulting in purer, discrete material streams and, thus, enabling a broader use of the materials contained in a tire. By overcoming the economic barriers associated with tire recycling – market acceptance and working side-by-side with generators and manufacturers, FTR has created a sustainable closed-loop program in the Southeast.

“At FTR, we are committed to creating a recycling alternative that produces zero landfill and significantly reduces not only our own carbon footprint, but that of our customers,” states Anthony Cialone, chief operating officer at Florida Tire Recycling. “By getting to zero-landfilling, we are able to recover 100 percent of the components of a scrap tire and manufacture them into sustainable, green and renewable raw materials with zero waste or byproducts.”