MAY 2009

Magnum enters acquisition negotiations over tire landfill

Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. has been in negotiations to acquire a tire landfill in the United States. Joseph Glusic, president and CEO of Magnum stated, “It is somewhat premature to release the full details of our negotiations, but let’s just say we have resolved the most significant points of contention between the parties. We anticipate conclusion of our negotiations in short order followed by a Letter of Intent to consummate the deal based on these negotiated terms.” Glusic went on to say, “With the addition of a landfill, this ensures a secure and stable supply of raw material to our operations for a period of at least ten years if not more. This gives us considerable control over our supply costs and the flow of operations that will result in cost saving from both the logistics and economies of scale.” This new development gives Magnum the ability to process waste in a cradle to grave scenario. Initial plans envision a facility on the landfill site to process, test, and produce various products right from the source.