MAY 2009

N-Viro signs lease extension for Florida N-Viro soil facility

N-Viro International Corporation has extended its lease for another five years for its facility in Volusia County (Daytona Beach), Florida, which currently services 12 municipalities. The extended lease was negotiated without any material change to the previous agreement.

Timothy Kasmoch, CEO and president of N-Viro International, said, “Our Volusia County facility has consistently increased revenue and operational efficiency over the past two years, and is now processing between 300 and 350 tons per day. We are pleased with the decision by Volusia County to renew our lease for another five years. The Volusia County operation, which N-Viro has solely owned and operated since late 2006, is now a profitable operation, and contributed approximately 56 percent of our 2008 annual revenue. We believe the county’s willingness to renew the lease for an additional five year period validates our operational plans in Florida, which has been focused on deriving revenues from transporting and processing waste and producing N-Viro Soil, a Class AA product that is widely accepted in Florida as a beneficial soil amendment.”