MAY 2009

Pennsylvania DEP approves higher tonnage limit for Veolia

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has approved an application by Veolia ES Solid Waste of PA Inc. to modify its permit and allow an increased daily tonnage at its Warren County transfer station in Pittsfield Township.

The new rate is 300 tons per day, while the previous rate was 120 tons per day. The new permit allows the station to accept municipal waste and construction/demolition waste.

The modification also allows the transfer station to process residual waste such as packaging materials, trash and pallets from manufacturing facilities.

All of the waste that arrives at the transfer station is then transferred to a permitted landfill facility for disposal.

In its environmental assessment review, DEP concluded that Veolia demonstrated the benefits of the modifications outweigh the known and potential harms. Since no design or other operational changes were requested, the technical review of the application was minimal and DEP issued the new permit.

Veolia submitted its permit modification application on April 21, 2008.