MAY 2009

Republic Services and Mack partner to introduce first American-built hybrid diesel garbage truck

Republic Services and Mack Trucks, Inc. have formed a partnership that allows Republic to field-test four pre-production diesel garbage trucks equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology and to field test the first American-built Mack Diesel Hybrid garbage truck.

Republic is field testing the SCR prototype trucks in Denver (high altitude); Eden Prairie, Minnesota (cold climate); and Lakeland and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (humid climate). Using SCR technology, the trucks meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency emission regulations without using engine emission credits. Republic is committed to using multiple technologies to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

“Republic has been field testing the Mack SCR prototype garbage collection chassis,” said Ron Cole, regional fleet sales manager for Mack Trucks. “This quickens the pace of our development of technologies that can be implemented immediately to protect our environment. Republic and Mack will continue to partner in the development of hybrid diesel-electric prototypes as both our companies explore opportunities to adopt hybrid at the heavy duty level for the collection of wastes and recyclables.”

Mack says its diesel electric hybrid technology provides the maximum fuel savings on routes with frequent braking and accelerations. This means that in addition to refuse collection work, it’s good for urban delivery runs and certain construction applications.

Mack estimates its hybrid system can boost fuel economy by about 20 percent while cutting greenhouse emissions and the cost of maintenance.

In addition to its work at highway speeds, the engine also charges an onboard energy storage system, which provides power to the electric motor when demand is high. Energy that is generated during braking is captured and stored using regenerative braking.