MAY 2009

Sonic and Nalco Mobotec enter into joint venture

SONIC Technology Solutions, Inc. announced that it has entered into a joint venture (JV) with Nalco Mobotec, Inc., a Delaware corporation, to expand the use of waste fly ash from coal-fired power stations as a cement substitute. Nalco Mobotec is a subsidiary of Nalco Holding Company based in Naperville, Illinois.

The JV is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of Delaware, which will develop the SonoAsh process to condition waste fly ash as a cement substitute or additive.

Under the agreement, the JV will undertake development of Sonic’s process, which physically preconditions waste fly ash and reduces residual carbon. Successful development will lead to a fully commercialized process allowing the waste fly ash to be used as a cement substitute or concrete additive.

The agreement establishes an earn-in arrangement by which Nalco Mobotec is entitled to direct and fund the development process in consideration for an up to 50 percent interest in the JV. The first phase of commercialization following successful development will lead to a production plant followed by strategic expansion through localized independent processing facilities.

SonoAsh utilizes a proprietary application that Sonic has developed over the last 18 months to convert waste fly ash from coal fired power plants into cement substitutes and additives for the global concrete industry. Under the terms of the JV agreement, Nalco Mobotec will be responsible for the strategic management of the JV and will invest to develop SonoAsh.