MAY 2010

Envirepel reopens renewable energy facility

Envirepel Energy, Inc. (EEI), a privately held company in Vista, California, reopened its first Renewable Energy Facility (Kittyhawk) in April, after temporarily closing it in June 2009 to address a shareholder proxy effort.

The Kittyhawk Project is a 2.5 MW biomass fueled power generating facility, with additional bio-fuel production from recovered water and CO2.

Over the past six years, EEI has designed, developed, manufactured and built the first low emissions combustion system. This ultra low combustion system consumes urban waste that would normally go in a landfill, and also has the capacity to consume high sulfur coal, tires, animal waste and many other “biomass” feed stocks that would pose a significant pollution problem to other power generating, or bio-fuel production facilities.