MAY 2011

Canadian Mattress Recycling helps recycle over 200,000 lbs.

New recycling initiatives are being heard by businesses and residents in the Metro Vancouver Area. Canadian Mattress Recycling was forced to rush the opening of their Metro Vancouver operation to January 2011 in order to handle the increased capacity of mattresses that were being diverted from the landfill.

Until this year, the majority of mattresses from Canada’s 3rd largest census population were being dumped in landfills. In an effort to extend the life of the local landfills, Metro Vancouver finally recognized that all of the materials in mattresses were recyclable and passed a bylaw prohibiting mattresses from the landfills as of January 1, 2011.

Terryl Plotnikoff, general manager, said they have discovered another unexpected demand: residential customers. “Because of the $20 charges at the landfills and transfer stations, we’ve seen hundreds of residents wanting to bring their old mattresses and box springs directly to us and save money.”

Canadian Mattress Recycling has fielded many calls from residents wanting a pickup service. “But most of them can’t afford to hire a junk removal company. So we’ve decided to help those residential customers that are not able to deliver their mattresses to us. The demand has been so great that we are now starting weekly residential pick-up programs in Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond, Surrey/Delta/Langley, the North Shore, and the Tri-Cities area.”

Ultimately, the goal of Canadian Mattress Recycling is to help eliminate all mattresses and box-springs from going into a landfill in Canada. They also know that, with their pick-up service, they will be helping the municipalities and taxpayers by reducing the number of dumped mattresses.