MAY 2011

Waukegan Tire and Passchal team up in a fashionable way

Waukegan Tire now carries the ultimate Dad’s Baby Bag – made from recycled tractor and tire inner tubes by Passchal.

Passchal is a Virginal based company that specializes in making high end fashion bags and accessories out of tons of discarded truck and tractor inner tubes, using an environmentally friendly, seven-step process.

They recently embarked on a new teaming partnership to further their commitment to green living with Waukegan Tire.

Waukegan Tire is committed to recycling in their offices and shops. This is reflected through recycling of tires, wheel weights, plastics, batteries, steel and aluminum, cardboard, oil and antifreeze.

They’ve now added the Passchal tractor and tire inner tube handbag collection to the items available with their tires in the showroom.

Passchal is a Richmond, Virginia based company. All products are made from recycled truck and tractor tire inner tubes and feature a unique lighting system that illuminates the interior.