MAY 2012

TOMRA provides support to Oregon’s BottleDrop Redemption Center

TOMRA of North America, Inc. has completed installation of advanced recycling technology at the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative’s (OBRC) new 7,000 sq.ft. redemption center in Salem, Oregon. TOMRA is providing the new facility – called the BottleDrop Redemption Center – with reverse vending machines (RVMs), pre-sorting equipment and an InstaDeem cash redemption kiosk.

The BottleDrop Redemption Center, operated and funded by OBRC in partnership with participating grocery retailers, is a new model for bottle redemption in Oregon. In a shift from the state’s original “return to retailer” structure, participating retailers within 1.5 miles of the center will no longer be required to accept deposit containers from customers.

The new facility will accept up to 300 containers per customer per day, at a speed of up to 1 container per second. Each T820 machine can accept glass, plastic and aluminum through one receptacle. Customers with only aluminum cans to recycle can use TOMRA’s CanDo machines, which provide bulk collection of aluminum cans.

Customers can redeem their cash deposits at a TOMRA InstaDeem kiosk. The easy-to-use kiosk recognizes and verifies RVM receipts and disburses cash in bills and coins.