MAY 2012

Recology gives away over 200 yards of compost

Recology hosted the Great Compost Giveaway as a thank you to San Francisco residents for helping the city reach an environmental milestone earlier this year – the collection of the millionth ton of compostable material through Recology’s green bin program.

The annual event, hosted by Recology in partnership with San Francisco Rec and Parks, the San Francisco Department of Environment and the Department of Public Works, encourages people to start their own home gardens and increase their participation in the city’s composting program.

Over 3,000 participants collected five gallons of compost free from Recology – compost made from the very food scraps and plant matter that San Franciscans place in their green compost bins daily. Since its inception in 1996, the green bin composting program has converted city food scraps, plant trimmings and soiled paper into over 600,000 cubic yards of finished compost – a soil amendment that helps local farms and vineyards grow healthy, sustainable food.

Recology employee volunteers handed out over 200 yards of compost. Participants lined up at giveaway sites around the City with buckets and boxes, eager to collect the “gourmet planting mix.” The finished compost is used at more than 200 farms and vineyards throughout the Bay Area, and is one of the most nutrient-rich soil amendments in the country due to its very diverse feed stock – food scraps and plant material. Left over compost was donated to Alemany Farm, a local community farm.