MAY 2012

Sting operation results in metal recycler’s arrest

Sacramento, California police reported that after a three month undercover investigation into metal thefts in the city, six Sacramento recycling plant employees were arrested.

Sacramento police officers sold copper wire and other metals to several recycling centers in the area. California law requires recyclers must record a seller’s name, driver’s license number, obtain a photo and thumbprint as well as take photos of the metals being sold. The metals must be paid for three days after the sale.

“Over the three month period, the undercover police detectives observed a variety of violations,” said police spokesperson Justin Eklung. “Everything from being paid cash immediately for metals and not accepting identification or accepting identification that was not the seller of the metal.”

Eklund said some of the recyclers also used the ID numbers of seller who were not present at the transactions.

The alleged violations resulted in the arrest of Roman Michael Rudy, Bryan Drew Wilson, Luis Caro, Michael J. Wright, Gyan Kalwani and Shaun Kalwani.

Metal thieves in Sacramento have been stealing copper wire out of streetlights, blacking out up to 15 percent of the city’s streetlights.