MAY 2012

Wise Metals builds new, expanded recycling facility

At a ceremony attended by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, Retirement Systems of Alabama director Dr. David Bronner, and a host of local mayors, politicians and business leaders, Wise Metals Group cut the ribbon and dedicated a 74-acre recycling complex named “Element 13” – the largest single used beverage can melting facility in the world.

According to David D’Addario, Wise’s chairman of the board, the new facility contains a furnace that will process 250,000 lbs. of aluminum, a delaquering kiln and a can shredding system that will shred 80,000 lbs. per hour. It increases Wise’s overall melting capacity by 27 percent, and used beverage can melting capacity by 55 percent.

“To build this facility, we issued contracts to more than 92 separate contractors, 95 percent of which were Alabama companies,” said D’Addario. “It took 250,000 man-hours to complete, and employed 228 local construction workers – all of it done with no lost time accidents or recordable injuries.”

Even better, according to D’Addario, is that the facility has already added 43 new jobs.

Alabama Reclamation Operations, a division of Wise Metals Group, has been renamed “Element 13,” for aluminum, the 13th element in the periodic chart of the elements. As part of one of the largest recycling companies in the world, this division reclaims used beverage containers and remelts them for use by Wise Alloys in the production of new aluminum sheet stock. That sheet stock is sold to beverage and food companies for use in the production of new aluminum cans and containers.