MAY 2012

Stericycle wins waste reduction award

Stericycle has received the 2011 Waste Reduction Award from the California Department of Resource Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).

The award recognizes Stericycle for meeting waste diversion goals. This activity assists the state in further reducing landfill waste volume, and driving California toward zero-waste.

Stericycle leads the way in diminishing environmental impact internally and to hospitals utilizing its Sustainable Solutions® green services offered to hospitals. These services include the Sharps Management service using Bio Systems reusable containers and the Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance service.

California leads the nation with a 65 percent recycling rate for all materials. Recycling creates more than 140,000 of the state’s green jobs. As California’s leading authority on recycling, waste reduction and product reuse, CalRecycle’s vision is to inspire and to challenge Californians to achieve the highest rates in the nation.

The long-term results are positive for everyone according to CalRecycle. The amount of waste sent to landfills is reduced, resources are conserved, and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. As Waste Reduction Award winning businesses like Stericycle grow, tax revenue is generated and California jobs are created and sustained, according to CalRecycle.

State legislation is being drafted to require many businesses to implement recycling programs. At 13 Stericycle sites in 2011, nearly 1 million lbs. of waste material were reduced including: 408,000 lbs. of reusable plastic sharps containers; 84,000 lbs. of pallets; 16,000 lbs. of cardboard boxes; 43,000 pounds of corrugated cardboard; 429,000 lbs. of white paper; and more.