MAY 2012

Website helps find facilities

The Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX) WasteMap website ( gives Florida residents, and businesses across the state the opportunity to answer an ever-annoying question with regard to managing waste materials: “What can I do with this?” WasteMap Florida is actively compiling a list of facilities, ranging from recycling centers to household hazardous waste disposal facilities and everything in between. It’s designed to make getting materials properly managed a whole lot more convenient.

With more than 700 facilities already on the website, users simply enter their zip code or address and a range of solid waste and recycling facilities within 25 miles are immediately displayed on an interactive map. Recycling centers are coded with a recycling symbol while yard waste and composting facilities feature a leaf. All the other facility types have their respective icons that can be toggled on and off depending on which type of facility the user is looking for.

The SWIX WasteMap Florida website is a useful tool to find up-to-date information on local facilities to recycle, dispose of, or even compost everyday materials. Residents who don’t have curbside recycling or yard waste collection can use this website to find nearby facilities to serve them, including household hazardous waste materials like solvents and paint.

This one-stop website is continuously updated with detailed information and directions to all of the facilities.