MAY 2012

Pennsylvania DEP begins clean up of closed landfill in Erie County

The Department of Environmental Protection began remediation work at a former Currie Landfill site in Millcreek Township in Erie County, Pennsylvania.

Household and industrial waste that was disposed at the former landfill, some of which has settled in nearby Cascade Creek, will be consolidated and capped underground. The project will restore and re-vegetate 600’ of the creek, improving water quality and restoring lost habitat to the watershed that was contaminated by the waste.

“This once blighted property will soon be restored for the community to use again,” DEP northwest regional director Kelly Burch said. “Local groups have leveraged more than $870,000 in federal funds over the last 2 years to rehabilitate Cascade Creek, which runs through Frontier Park and into the Bay. This project supports those efforts and helps improve the health of the watershed.”

Once the site is fully restored, 4 acres will be available for light industrial activity. Another 11 acres will be used for recreation.

The $4.1 million clean up contract was awarded after a competitive bidding process to Berner Construction Inc. of Lancaster County. Remediation work is expected to be complete by June 2013. The project is funded by a portion of the Capital Stock and Franchise Tax.