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Kansas City recycler hits 85th year in business

San Jose rejects foam foodservice recycling

NYSAR3’s grant program to include colleges

Keep America Beautiful names school champs

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New Jersey participates in reuse market

King County’s Take it Back Network to includes mattresses

Genesis expands Texas dealer network

Timken acquires Smith Services

Business Briefs

Alternative Energy

Railway uses recycled french fry oil for power

Wind energy to power Nestle Waters facility in California

C&D Recycling

Liberty Tire, NASCAR Green partner

GM earns recognition for landfill-free program

Ford to cut waste-to-landfill by 2016


C&D recyclers honored

Electronics Recycling

ECOvanta to provide e-waste recycling to Lancaster County

4th Bin becomes certified recycler

Awards given to e-Cycle Wireless

Computer company owner sentenced for crimes


Solar plant to be built in Greece

Orient Paper prepares for renovation of production line


Scrap Metals MarketWatch

Steel imports decrease by 7 percent in February

Chung Joon Yang named Steelmaker of the Year

Nucor reports reduced earnings for first quarter 2013

March SIMA import permits down 3 percent

Paper Recycling

February paper reports

Plastics Recycling

Recycling of rigid plastics tops 930 million lbs.

ECO Plastics hits milestone

SPE names recipients of 2013 GPEC environmental awards

Recycling of plastic bags, wraps and film rises to 1 billion pounds

Rubber Recycling

Proposed law will prohibit sale of unsafe used tires

Bridgestone spent tire program hits one year anniversary


Scrap tire signs of the times: Weak new tire sales and balder scrap tires Click to Enlarge

A sluggish economy continues to affect most everyone and everything, including the tire industry. The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) found that new tire shipments for 2012 were stagnant, unchanged from 2011 at approximately 284 million units. The reason – an increase in new vehicle tires was offset by a decrease in replacement tires sales.

However, RMA, which represents U.S. tire manufacturers, sees a slight increase in vehicle miles traveled and anticipated economic growth, which they predict may result in perhaps a 2 percent increase in tire shipments for 2013, or approximately 6 million more units to a total of 290 million units for this year.

At the same time, the RMA said that more than 1 in 8 U.S. vehicles have bald tires, according to a 2012 survey of 5,300 vehicles. It found that more than 13 percent had at least one bald tire, an increase from 10.4 percent recorded in a 2010 survey. Obviously, motorists are postponing buying new tires, a major household budget buster, particularly with higher new tire costs, closely pegged with rising prices of raw materials. more


Phone apps establish foothold in waste industry

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Apps that run on smartphones are the latest way for city recycling departments, haulers and others to communicate with citizens about schedules, drop off locations, tips for hard-to-recycle items and other matters. George Dreckmann, recycling coordinator for the city of Madison, Wisconsin, said the ‘my-waste’ app they’ve been supplying free to customers for the past year puts virtually all the information from the recycling department website into a cell phone that fits in residents’ pockets.

Dreckmann was concerned that the city’s existing print publications and website weren’t getting information to an important segment of users. “We were looking for a way to extend our reach into the very mobile portion of our population, the students and some of the younger professionals who are regularly on the move,” Dreckmann said. At $2,700 for initial setup and $3,000 per year in subscription fees, the cost of the app also fit with Dreckmann’s reduced marketing budget. more

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